Henry Belch

PDMWorks does not find model referenced in drawing

Discussion created by Henry Belch on Jun 18, 2008
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2008 by David Demaria

I was opening (checking out) a drawing from PDMWorks which had been imported earlier via bulk import.

It says: Unable to locate the file G:\Engineers\Engineering\90000\90537.sldasm. Would you like to find it yourself? YES/NO

It repeats this for all sub-assemblies in the drawing.

If I hit YES, I am able to navigate to our existing folders to find the old models (which is not the one checked into PDMWorks)

(Changes have been made in the correct sub-assembly in PDMWorks, which it is not finding...)

If I hit NO, it shows the drawing with no assemblies in the views...

Here is the question.... (Drum Roll Please - Hey Quiet in the Audience...)

How do I correct the links to the proper model inside of PDMWorks...