Sam S

Archiving design data from 3rd party

Discussion created by Sam S on Jun 18, 2008
We are piloting pdmwe and trying to determine what our usage policies might be for some various scenarios that we encounter today and one of them is how to handle data supplied by 3rd party designers, not commodity library stuff but custom designed for our company.

Here is a summarized vesion of the scenario:
Receive updated project that is already in our vault; documents in the vault are in various states, some Approved, some Pending Approval, some Work In Progress, etc... Some of this data being received may be referenced by other projects in the vault (a shared document).

1. How does the internal user reconcile these documents and determine what has been revised by the 3rd party and what has not been changed?

2. What happens when the vaulted version of the document is in an Approved state that does not allow for Check Out (In my testing I have found that the user must, at a minimum, be able to check out the document so that they can replace it with the revised document). I assume the user must change the document to Work In Progress, then replace the vaulted document with the revised document from the 3rd party, then "push" the document through the workflow to get it back to Approved? Doing this maintains the previous revision and creates the document history but seems tedious.

3. Would a special "3rdPartyDesign" workflow allow for an easier way to manage this data? I am not sure we can say that a particular design is always managed by a 3rd party. Would this also require a particular Category?

4. Does anyone have any special way of handling shared documents in the vault? Is there a pro-active way for pdmwe to notify the user that the document they are trying to check out (or change state) is shared with another project and they need to consider that their design changes may not work for the other project. Or someway to automatically require an approval for every project that shares that document prior to that shared document being revised?

I would appreciate any comments but in particular from anyone who is managing inhouse designs and 3rd party designs in one vault.
This includes any additional questions that I should be asking but I am not smart enough to ask....