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How can I draw a pocket following a line?

Question asked by John Smith on Jun 15, 2016

Hi everyone. I am working on importing a cut plan in DXF format, with the end goal being to export it via HSMWORKS for CNC machining.

I can import the DXF into sketches and rebuild the parts from there, but I need to add tabs for the machining and this is where it becomes more complicated.

When importing the DXF, some layers are labeled for outside or inside pocketing.

Importing the inside pocketing is easy, I just need to convert the sketch into an extruded cut.

Outside pocketing is where I'm stuck, here is an example from a previous project.


The light blue edges are from the tabs (1) that attach the part (2) to the sheet of wood (4) that's going to be cut.

The DXF that I have would give me only the edges of the parts, so to add the tabs I need to cut the outside of the part, ideally to the size of the bit that will be used when machining the parts. I need to cut the area (3) into a pocket and then add the tabs, but (3) is defined by an edge (in dark grey) and a width (the thickness of the bit that will be used to cut.


How could I do that?