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report generator help

Question asked by Greg Rupp on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2017 by Aaron Larson

I could use some help with creating a report. I have the report setup to work on a single "built-in" file, but I want the code to point to the Selected files area in the report generator. Any help is appreciated as I don't know SQL.



§Name [RevisionData of the selected files]

§Company [SolidWorks]


[This query will list the revision data of the selected files.]

§Version [1.0]






SELECT     TOP (1) Documents.DocumentID , Documents.Filename, Documents.LatestRevisionNo AS 'LatestVersion', UserRevs.RevNr AS 'RevisionVersion', UserRevs.Comment AS 'Revision'

FROM         Documents INNER JOIN

                      UserRevs ON Documents.DocumentID = UserRevs.DocumentID

WHERE     (Documents.Filename LIKE '%9200-004141%')