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    Drive a part custom property from the assembly properties?

    Jim Steinmeyer

      I have been given an interesting question. In creating new part and assembly drawing templates I had been requested to place the paint and material information in a table in the upper right of the drawings. Then the BOM in assemblies was to be set under the paint table. Now looking at the finished drawings I have been asked to do something a little more difficult. I am now to create a dummy part for each paint to add to the assembly so the paint will show in the normal BOM. Easy, but. Now we come to the quantity of paint used which needs to be driven by the assembly. I can take the area of the assembly times 6 mills for thickness, plus scrap factor, and determine how much paint is required. But this value would be at the assembly level.

      How do I enter this value as the QTY. property of the paint in the BOM?

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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Jim ,


          if you create a custom property in the Dummy part you can simply apply that property as the BOM property.


          See attached video

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              Jim Steinmeyer


              I'm not sure about this. what I am looking for is to determine the total surface area of the assembly times the thickness and then set that  as a variable in the assembly. Then have that variable show in the BOM in the QTY column for the part that is installed in the assembly. The paint could be one of 4 different paints and the desire is to create this in the start part template. Some assemblies are sub assemblies that do not get paint, only top level assemblies get paint. Your video works for selecting a surface area when you have the assembly created but I am looking to put this in a Start Part. Will it work there?


              My thoughts are to create global variables -PAINT AREA and PNT QTY.

              I need to determine if or which paint is used.

              Paint #s are 430000, 430010, 430020 and 430040

              Then in the equations I could do something like {if 430000 = yes, PNT QTY=PAINT AREA}

                                                                                   or  {if 430010 = yes, PNT QTY=PAINT AREA}.....so on.

              Then I would like to place PNT QTY in place of the pnt qty from the part to show up in the assembly BOM.


              I would then put this equation set in the assy start part and run this for all assemblies to select. But I don't know for sure how to write the equation loop to determine if paint is present, and I don't know how to find and reset the correct property in the paint when it is present.

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                  John Stoltzfus

                  One way would be to add a column in your BOM that would give the total surface area of the components and in the paint qty area you could add an equation to total up all the surface area values and figure in the waste factor as well.  I don't think that is quite the correct way to go about it and I didn't try it myself yet, but this is something that I would like to add as well.




                  I did have an incomplete BOM that I set up for total surface area, which I forgot that I had, so you can add formulas in the BOM, but I would need to work it some more..






                  The only thing is I only chose a limited amount of cells in the calculation and not sure how this BOM template would work on a new BOM.  Just a thought and maybe someone else will chime in....

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                    Scott Ellery

                    Hi Jim ,


                    this is where advanced select can come in handy as well , if you put a custom property that you can use as a marker, example "paint" and have the value be 1 or 0 or yes or no, then you can save an advanced select to select only parts that have paint.


                    if you are interested check out this Article on Advanced Select and how it works.


                    if Advanced select is not what you are looking for you can certainly use Assembly Visualization which is a fantastic tool for Visually filtering your assembly by any method you would like , including customer properties, check out Assembly Visualize here as well this is a general overview of how it works but It can be adapted for any need inside an assembly.


                    Hope this helps