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Problem on Loading in Simulating an Offshore Cargo Basket

Question asked by Ali Bayati on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2016 by Ali Bayati

Hi everyone,

I'm newbie to this forum & SWX,  and just wanted to simulate an Offshore Cargo Basket, which has been modeled using SWX-Weldment, as the following figs:



I covered the base, using a structural member (Profile: 1000x3mm).

When I wanted to apply load ( uniform Pressure ) to the above plate, a message appeared that this plate couldn't be applied by loading, because this member is a beam.


Should I choose another approach in modeling phase? (using shell-element, etc.)
Is it possible to apply load on a weldment member ?


Any suggestion will be appreciated.

P.S.: The goal is stress analyzing and optimizing the structure, and also checking if the weld beads pass or fail while loading.