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Revision Control

Question asked by Sean Nutley on Jun 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2008 by Neil Saxon
I'm having a problem with revisions. We only use one letter A-Z for our revisions and a new drawing doesn't have a revision letter. In our PDMWorks options I use a '-' as the revision before 'A'. I also use '+' for the Working Copy. A drawing can get checked in multiple times before it's complete as the lifecycle 'In Progress' and the revision level shows up as '-+'. When this drawing is finished, it gets checked in and the lifecycle gets changed to 'Approved' but the revision level stays at '-+'. That seems to be OK but once a revision is done later on and checked back in at 'A', you can no longer view the original copy '-+' anymore.

If this doesn't make any sense I can clarify.

Thanks in advance.