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gear profile

Question asked by Martin Stevens on Jun 17, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2008 by 1-8MMYCK
I must draw gears and pinions for a CAM application. The CAD profiles have to absolutely perfect, because the CAM application will use the model geometry to calculate the toolpath. The gears I have to draw are not standard, but of our own design. The engineer at our company wrote a program in excel to generate points on the curvature of the gear profile. The program can be manipulated to create infinite amount of points to get the profile more accurate. Is there a way to get the spreadsheet to plot the points in solidworks? OR must the values be linked directly to dimensions in a sketch? If the spreadsheet data must be linked to dimensions, then I would obviously be limited to the amount of points I can use. Has anyone got experience with something like geartrax?