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    Reporting versions on Drawing?

    John Layne
      Is it possible to report the version (not just the revision) of the part/assembly/drawing on the drawing?
        • Reporting versions on Drawing?
          Jeff Sweeney
          Anything is possible, it is just a function of time and money!

          The solution I found is to create an add-in that upon checkin will copy the version value into a variable. Once it is in a variable it can be put in the drawing as any other.
          • Reporting versions on Drawing?
            Bob Anderson
            The transition doesn't work because it won't update with each check in or out (depending on which way you prefer it). We decided to use the increment revision function of the API to have it bump our revision numbers (A.01, A.02 and then A when released). It is pretty easy to do and just needs a small program to trigger the increment revision function. Most of the work is done in the workflow.

            If you want I could send you the exe I am no longer going to use that sets it to a variable called Version, it works using a shell from dispatch. I did end up writing a dll for the increment revision function because it worked more seamlessly with PDMWE.