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    Upgrade strategies

    Jeff Sweeney
      How did you evaluate the upgrade from PDMWorks Enterprise 2007 to 2008? The only solutions I have found are a pain in the neck!

      I cannot have a 2007 and 2008 vault view on the same machine. I cannot have PDMWorks Enterprise 2007 database and archive server running on the same machine. Has anyone found a better way than setting up a completely different server with completely different client machines? It is so time consuming and difficult to scrounge up enough computers! Let alone enough time to get some guys on it to try and break it.
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          richard lock

          With PDMWE forming such a critcial part of a business system the only way of being completly sure you will not bring the company to a grinding halt is to test on a completely sepearte test environment. In fact we actaully go a little further and not only test the new functionality but also how the actual upgrade takes place. For example craete a test environemnt which mirrors production and complete the upgrade on there first, this will give you a good insight into any problems you may encounter. We also test PDMWE this way with the old soldworks software and then upgrade solidworks at a later date (again testing fucntionality in the environemnt created for the PDMWE upgrade), this helps to lessen the risk and also not put to much new softwrae on the users all at once. We make sure we run through all the tests used when first putting the software into a production environment and then test any new functionality. Just as an example if you went straight to PDMWE 2008 sp0, 1, or 2 then there was a problem with the transistions where it checked every value in every version and if you don't know about it then it could have proved diastorous.

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              Todd Puckett

              We waited a couple months to see if there were any complaints from other users and there weren't. 2008 SP3 has been around now for some time.

              Testing the upgrade on a test server helped us avoid some long frustrating evenings. This also gives you a idea of how long the server upgrade will take. Ours server upgrade took over 12 hours to finish.

              *note - You will not be able to run 2008 SP3 on Windows 2000.
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                  Lucas Dexter
                  I set up a totally different server on a test machine with Windows server 2003 and SQL server 2005. You're right, it took a while to get it set up but I did not want to mess with the production server. I ran the upgrade like I would for production and the databases only took minutes to upgrade. The archives however, ran for 2.5 hours and they were done. I was very surprised after hearing the horror stories of long upgrade times. I tested all the functionality that I could think of and everything ran fine. I am scheduled to perform the upgrade this afternoon, if I am lucky it will go as smoothly as the test server went.