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    Cosmos 2008 on power computer

    Balint Franko
      My machine: 2 Quad-core AMD CPU, 16 MB RAM, 64 bit system, Windows XP pro, Cosmos Professional 2008 SP3.1
      Is there any way to setup Cosmos to utilize all the power that this machine has. For example, when I run a Drop-Test on a complex assembly, I can see that one processor (random) works 90-100% and the others like overflowing, work with 10-20% of their capacity. Why?
      So, when we run SolidWorks 2008 64 or any of the professional package add-ons (excluding COSMOS), we are able to leverage all 8 processors. When running COSMOS, only one of the 8 processors is being used.
      See attached image, performance of CPU usage in the Windows Task Manager.
      Let me know if you have any suggestion.
        • Cosmos 2008 on power computer
          Bill McEachern
          I had put this is pevious post ounder another thread...in response to a single quad core machine
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          the AMd CPU's are not officially supported or at least they weren't a release or so ago which I complained about quite a bit.

          It depends what you are doing.
          -Meshing is a single process operation so no joy on that.
          -Matrix solving is vectorized and sparse solves does this pretty well as long as you have the resources.
          -Contact iterations - single process only so 25% is all you will get on this task as best as I can figure out.
          -Non-linear - the matrix inversion are vectorized but he convergence iteration are not as best as I can figure out.

          hope this helps