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Inserting Custom Library Parts

Question asked by Aaron Larson on Jun 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2008 by Aaron Larson
I have a need to insert die springs into our molds which are always standard stock items from companies such as Mc-Master. The model data that is relevant is only the OD and compressed height. All other aspects are for representation only. This will not be used in any load calculations etc. The only reason I would include the spring is to include it in the BOM and be able to attach a balloon to is as we may have a few variations of springs in the tool.

I have created a generic spring model in which wire width and total height can be adjusted to get the desired effect with all other dimensions being equation driven off of those. Is there a way to apply the "Create Part..." function used in standard toolbox parts to this generic model which is housed in my custom library? This would be much easier and safer than having to add configurations each time I add a new spring.

If this makes sense to anyone - any input at all is appreciated. BTW I have NO experience at all with macros and VBA.