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    Need to import a SolidWorks model into Geant4 for simulation? Converter available

    Doug Dummer

      Does your group use Geant4 to perform simulations on models that were designed with SolidWorks? If so, the model design was probably translated into Geant4 by laborious manual coding.


      As part of a particle physics experiment, I have developed a SolidWorks API program to read a model in SolidWorks and output GDML, the native language for importation into Geant4. This GDML output uses simple geometric shapes, not tessellations, and is compact and human-readable. This converter program provides an automated method to import a SolidWorks design into Geant4.


      The converter is at a prototype stage and can convert simple SolidWorks designs. Not all advanced SolidWorks features are supported yet. I am seeking SolidWorks engineers to collaborate with to enhance the converter. This program needs interested users who would request new features and enhancements, which would then provide a roadmap for my further development work on the converter.


      The SolidWorks-to-Geant4 converter is a non-commercial, open source project.

      If you might be interested in trying to the converter, please send me an e-mail at covuosalo@wisc.edu


      ---Carl Vuosalo