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Folder Data Card Application Problem

Question asked by Jason Ludewig on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Jason Ludewig

Hello, everyone.  I apologize if this has been addressed before, I have been searching all over the inter-webs without any luck so far. 


I am in the final stages of a EPDM launch and am having some trouble with my folder data cards.  I have a root level projects folder that contains all of my individual project folders.  I have a folder data card want it to apply to these individual project folders and trickle down various variables on it to my sub-level folder cards and files.  My folder card is saved IN this root level projects folder.  My problem is that my folder card i somehow being applied TO the root lever projects folder, and since this folder has no variables associated with it, it is populating all of my individual project folders, sub-level folders, and files with this "blank" information.  I do have a template to create the individual project folders within the root level projects folder that requests information from the user and utilizes a serial number to apply a new project number.  The template works fine, requests the information as it should, and even shows the new project number, but as soon as the template dialogue is completed and closed, the information is overwritten by the "blank" variable information from that root level project folder data card. 


Long story short: my folder card, despite being saved INSIDE the root level projects folder is somehow applying itself to the folder it is in.  I was under the impression that data cards only act on folders and files AT the same level or below them?


Any help would be really appreciated!  Thank you.

(EPDM 2016 SP3)