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Issue with rebuilding skeleton driven assembly

Question asked by Samuli Kostamo on Jun 14, 2016

I am facing this strange issue of assembly patterns not rebuilding when the driving skeleton part is updated. The control topology is as follows: master excel-sheet updates values in design table according to calculations, design table is linked to skeleton part which is part of an assembly. When the design table is updated, the skeleton part follows as it should, but although the patterns in the assembly are linked to the skeleton, they will not update. I've tried rebuilding the assembly (even the ctrl-q rebuild) but nothing seems to help. The strange thing is, that the equations seem to get evaluated correctly when activated, but the pattern doesn't update unless I make manual changes to the equation. There are total of three patterns in the assembly and the same problem arises within each of them.


As you can see from the picture above, the equation manager evaluates the value to be 3 (which it should be) but the value used and displayed within the pattern is 2. Does anyone have an idea of what could cause this kind of behavior?


Thanks in advance,