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    No Solution Found Error

    Jim Duff

      I’m working on a  filter
      assembly so there is a lot of connecting pipes. two pipes were interfering with
      each other so I had to change the lengths of 2 other pipes so that they
      wouldn’t be interfering anymore. I changed one pipe and  almost all the
      mates of the entire drawing got a “No Solution Found” error  I deleted the
      pipe and it didn’t change anything. Now I have all these errors and I don’t know
      where it is originating from.

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          John Stoltzfus

          The best way and I think the only way to pinpoint errors correctly is to suppress every item in the feature manager tree and then starting from the top or first part un-suppress and continue down the list till an error pops up.  You have to be careful and know what can or cannot be deleted, if your not 100% sure just suppress the feature or mate that is giving you the error.  SolidWorks is history based, therefore it will rebuild from the top of the feature manager tree down, 1st part will be rebuilt first and so forth..