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    How do I get the 2008 default templates?

    Daniel Eelman
      I have one machine that I loaded 2008 on as a trial. I wanted to play with the new drawing templates (Marketing might actually have a use for the crinkly paper look), but it appears that I have it pointed to the 2007 templates. I cannot find any other template files on my computer, and cannot find them manually on the installation disc. I tried re-running the install disc to modify the installation, but it doesn't appear I can find just the templates and install them. Any ideas?
        • How do I get the 2008 default templates?
          Casey Gorman

          Did you load SW2008 on a machine that had 2007 on it currently or previously?

          I have heard that if you don't do a clean install of 2008 (read as "removing all SW files and registry items"), it will use the 2007 references and settings.

          When I loaded 2008 for evaluation (still evaluting... seems time is limited as I get older), I loaded it on to a new machines that the manager has now, so I won't be able to help with locating the templates. My first guess (and you most likely have done this) is to look in the 2008 install/program area where you would have found them in 2007.