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Display Problems with Quadro FX3700?

Question asked by Joe Dunfee on Jun 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2009 by Joe Dunfee
Our company has been having ongoing problems with our newly purchased computer systems. SolidWorks will occasionally get stuck, and its display will not update. I.e. if you bring another program to the top, or open another window, it will "stick" to the display area. I assume the video card is writing to that memory area, and then not clearing it when that window is closed. Minimizing SW and then maximizing it, will result in the SW display area still showing the desktop.

Another, perhaps related, issue is when I have multiple documents open in SW. Using the Window menu to switch between documents will often bring up the wrong document.

Our support company asked me to turn off my dual-display to see how it behaved. This seems to have solved our video problems. Our SW support says there seem to be some issues with running dual displays when the two monitors are at different resolutions. I have a 22" wide screen and an 18", and purchasing another wide screen is not viable (or even the space for it).

The video card is a recommended one. I've tried the most current driver, as well as the slightly older recommended driver with exactly the same results.

Is abandoning our dual display setup the only solution?

Nvidia Quadro FX3700. Driver 2/5/08 ver
HP Compaq 5800 Microtower
Intel Core2Duo CPU
E8400 @ 3.00Ghz
1.97 Ghz, 3.48 GB Ram
Windows XP

Joe Dunfee