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    Reaction forces in Cosmos beam model

    Tim Gowing
      I can't find any way of determining the reaction force in a beam model.
      The 'list beam forces' looks useful but I can't see a way of identifying the element numbers (the SW structural members are numbered 4-24 because I created and deleted a few; the beam forces are numbered 1-20).

      Does anyone know a method that I'm missing?

      Regards, Tim
      Using CosmosWorks 2008 SP3.1
        • Reaction forces in Cosmos beam model
          Adam Sandler

          Under results, define beam diagram, you can just click on the beam(s) of interest to get the axial, shear and moment diagrams.

          Alternatively, if you define a stress or displacement plot you can use the probe tool to click on a location of interest to get the element number. Then you can list beam forces and look at whatever value you want for that element.

          Both are pretty round-a-bout ways of getting some fundamental info but they may get you what you are looking for.

          I'd be cautious of any results you get from beam analysis in general though. That part of the software is full of bugs.