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filtering of files...

Question asked by Christine Bickenbach on Jun 11, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2008 by Christine Bickenbach
Our team works with relatively large assemblies, and when chaning states of the upper level assemblies, Enterprise lists all the lower components.

I really don't have an issue with this when wanting to go from a locked state to an unlocked state so I can pick which lower component I might or might not need. ...
but there are people who are overwhelmed...

our problem starts when I am trying to have these assemblies go through document conrtrol. We "request approval" and they grant this, which than puts the parts in a locked state.

Now my problem.... while choosing which parts I would like to request the approval for, I get the whole shabang of parts with drawings and I have to go through which get the request and which don't. I can keep this apart..

BUT.... when doc control goes to ok this, there might be parts that are in a request for approval state but by someone else. so these parts might not be part of my request, but since they are in my assembly PDM gives these as an option. Is there a way to filter out these? So that doc control is not challenged with this huge list of parts and drawings?

In other words, if I have an assembly with 100 parts, and only 10 of them are being set up for approval, is there a way to show only those 10 parts and not the whole 100?

Our doc control is a tad bit overwhelmed.. which can sometimes be understandable, becuase they do not work with our parts or drawings... all they see is this huge list of part numbers....

anything to make their life easier would be appreciated.