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64-bit Explorer.exe Not Responding

Question asked by Derek Pepino on Jun 11, 2008
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2008 by Michael Brainard

Ever since SW2008 SP3.1 (64-bit) my 64-bit Windows XP has been having a problem with explorer.exe

This is the exe that runs your basic windows functions/desktop etc...

When opening a file via Solidworks, or while solidworks is open, my explorer.exe will slow down, pause, temporarily freeze the computer (notice this because sounds will repeat in the sound card buffer)....

Work-around... (partial as I'll explain why)...

I replaced my windows explorer.exe (1,333Mb version) with the 32-bit equivilent.
(its about 1,066 Mb or something like that)

Solidworks works great!... no slow downs, no 'Not responding', no freezing...

BUT.. normal window functions such as 'inserting a thumbdrive' will crash windows explorer.... (Go figure.. 64-bit windows doesn't completely like using the 32-bit explorer.exe)

BUT... Solidworks 64-bit DOESN"T LIKE the 64-bit version of explorer.exe....

So although my work-around will work for Solidworks, it basically bones any other applications I want to use on my work-station.

Does anyone else have these problems?!?!