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    Graphics Issue in SolidWorks

    Albert Whatmough

      I had a student from an SAE design team ask the following question... I can't seem to come up with an awsner for him.

      "I am having problems running solidworks 2007 student edition on my computer. I have vista with direct x 10. is there a patch that I need to download to run it using direct x 10 or vista? also is there a solidworks 2008 student edition that you will be sponsoring design teams with for 2008."

      He even recorded a video and posted it to YouTube showing the problem.

        • Graphics Issue in SolidWorks
          Mark Matthews
          You need to be running a SW certified graphics card to handel the OpenGL calls the graphics is based on. Direct X is not used.

          To test if this is a graphics card issue you need to throw the "Use software OpenGL" switch under Tools; Options; Performance. You cannot have a part open in order to toggle this option. This will force SW to use software emulation of OpenGL and will use CPU time, so it will slow the program down.