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problems with windows explorer search

Discussion created by Tom Mathieson on Jun 9, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2008 by Cybex International
Hi ALl,

this may be a bit off topic, but i can't get any info or help anywhere on this i've looked.

i am having a problem with searching for files in WIndows explorer 'search' feature (not WIndows Desktop Search)

it will not find files that i know are in a certain directory. i can see the file in explorer, but when i do a search for it, it says 'no files found'. for example, i have a directory that has 125 SW part files in it. if i do a search on "sldprt", it says "no files found". but if i copy that directory to another hard drive, it works OK, all is well.

does anyone have any idea what i can do to fix this? i'm sure it's just an indexing setting or something, ...