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An Introduction on How to Publish a 3D PDF

Discussion created by Xiang Cao on Jun 13, 2016
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An Introduction on How to Publish a 3D PDF


The essence of MBD(Model Based Definition) is to directly define dimensions and annotations on the 3D model so that it can be reused throughout the whole life cycle. 3D PDF can ease the transition from 2D drawing approach to 3D MBD approach, as it is more intuitive, easy to print, and can be opened in Adobe Reader or mobile devices. 3D PDF is a highly-interactive document that incorporates 3D content for readers to zoom, rotate, and measure the 3D model with Adobe Reader. The work flow of publishing a 3D PDF is summarized in the following flow chart and demo video. The outcome demo 3D PDF is attached.





Demo Video on Youtube How to Publish a 3D PDF with SOLIDWORKS MBD - YouTube

  • Ø  Before creating 3D PDF, define necessary PMI including dimension, GD&T, Notes, over the model directly.

    Ø  In order to properly organize the layout of PMI, 3D View is a great tool in SOLIDWORKS MBD to organize PMI as it can save a 3D View with different combinations of annotation views, zooming factors, configurations, display states, etc.

    Ø  SOLIDWORKS MBD also gives users the flexibility to create a 3D PDF template. As shown in the video, 3D viewports, thumbnails list, images, tables, titles, and notes can all be customized for more effective communication with readers.

    Ø  After all ingredients are prepared, the 3D PDF can be published in SOLIDWORKS MBD and add CAD file attachments using Adobe Reader.


My next blog will focus on how to facilitate the consuming of 3D PDF using Adobe Reader. To learn more tips and tricks about SOLIDWORKS MBD in short animations, please visit the video playlist of MBD in Seconds.




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