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Problem: Simulation fail -  Clip flattening

Question asked by Driekes Eens on Jun 14, 2016
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I`m trying to simulate a clip that is being flattened by a hydrolic tool. The goal is to figure out the lenght of the clip when I put 18kN on it.



I use a plate on top and bottom to simulate the head of the tool (top) and the surface it`s flattened against.

clip flat.png

The reason I do this is because the face I want the force to apply on is an arc. When flattening the clip with the tool, it works the same way (pressure with plate).

The bottom plate is fixed and the clip has a roller fixture. I have set contact between the components, no penetration.

I tried it without the plates and numerous other options, also messed around with the mesh, but nothing worked.


Does anybody got some advice for me?