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Recommended Hardware Specs for Visualize Professional

Question asked by Saurabh Nayak on Jun 14, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Brian Hillner

Hi All,


I am planning on purchasing a new desktop/workstation that will be dedicated only for rendering images and animations on Solidworks Visualize Professional (for now).


Any thoughts on what the recommended hardware specs for the software are? I can't seem to find it anywhere online since Dassault has done quite a good job of making sure all things Bunkspeed now redirect to the Solidworks Visualize page.


My current set up lets me render stills of my machines in 3200x1800 resolution in about 6-8 minutes, which is acceptable. But when I try to render animations, it takes me close to 12-14 hours for a 1 minute video at 30FPS.


I currently have 2 Quado 4000s, one of which is in my current desktop. I plan on using both in the new rig, but I'm not sure if Visualize will actually make use of both of them to help speed up renders. Brian Hillner, could you provide more insight into this?


Any thoughts and comments would be appreciated.