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EPDM Workflow - How to hide automatic transition?

Question asked by Lynx Lu on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2020 by Lukasz Rybacki

Hi everyone,


I have a question regarding the use of automatic transition in workflow.


Currently I have an automatic transition set so that it triggers whenever a certain condition is met (matches part number). It is acting as a parallel route that splits off from the main route as a special case.


However, when the condition is not met (so the normal route, no splitting off), the automatic transition selection still exist under the change state selection in the right click menu. It does not cause any direct issue since if you click on it, it just says that conditions are not met and can't be done.


I am curious, however, if there is a way to hide it from the menu selection when going the automatic transition condition is not met from the start.