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    Making Drawings Look "Right" to Me.

    Gary Skinner

      I Iearned drafting way back in the 1970s, before CAD. I'm using SolidWorks now, and there are some things that I wish were different; that may only be matters of aesthetics, but are preferable to me. To name a couple; in SolidWorks Drawings, the available options for "breaks" omits several, including the type for cylindrical objects, that looks like three quarters of the number eight (8). I also think the size and appearance of center marks should exactly match those of center lines.

      Is there a way to create and save such things as the aforementioned breaks and center marks in SolidWorks?

      Thank you very much.

      Gary Skinner
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          1. The break in cylindrical object looks like three quarters of the number eight (8) can not be done in SolidWorks. you can choose curved or straight only
          2. You can customize the center marks in your drawing templates, In the system options. Once you change that setting for one template and you use that for create new drawings, everything will follow your template setting.
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              Daniel Eelman

              I come from a similar background, and when we first got SolidWorks, it drove me nuts trying to get drawings to look "right", as in - the way traditional drafting was taught. Eventually, you have to give in and say "that's the best I can get with SolidWorks", and try not to let it bother you. I think the drawing output is the weakest and least flexible part of SW. In discussing this frustration with SW reps & VARs, I always get the feeling they live in a fantasy world where every business has the latest version of SW and only shares models - drawings are irrelavent.

              Anyway, my point is, at some point you have learn not to sweat it (admittedly easier said than done for some of us). Good luck.
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                  Svetlana Antiperovitch
                  Agree. Always try to suppress my disgust when check my drawings. Our Autocad guys displeased as well. Design part is fun though.
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                      Matthew Lorono
                      There are some limitations, but overall, it's much quicker to draft with parametrics than without. Most things that aren't covered by a specific function can be drafted by other means within SolidWorks. For example, currently Dual Dimension doesn't work with Chamfer callouts. I don't know why it doesn't. It seems silly that it doesn't. But it doesn't. So type in the Dual Dim directly into the leader note. Sure, it doesn't autoupdate if the model changes, but does AutoCAD autoupdate anything and does a pencil drawing automactically bring up images of the part? It's still a lot quicker than manual drafing and AutoCAD overall.