Gary Skinner

Making Drawings Look "Right" to Me.

Discussion created by Gary Skinner on Jun 8, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2008 by Matthew Lorono

I Iearned drafting way back in the 1970s, before CAD. I'm using SolidWorks now, and there are some things that I wish were different; that may only be matters of aesthetics, but are preferable to me. To name a couple; in SolidWorks Drawings, the available options for "breaks" omits several, including the type for cylindrical objects, that looks like three quarters of the number eight (8). I also think the size and appearance of center marks should exactly match those of center lines.

Is there a way to create and save such things as the aforementioned breaks and center marks in SolidWorks?

Thank you very much.

Gary Skinner