Joe Rochinski

Copying features from AutoCAD 2009 to SW sketch

Discussion created by Joe Rochinski on Jun 6, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2008 by Albert Whatmough
For some time we used AutoCAD 2004, and if you selected several lines and pressed ctrl-c to copy them, then pasted them into a solidworks sketch, they would be converted into solidworks sketch entities. If they sketcher wasn't open, they would be pasted into a new sketch created automatically. This was very convenient.

Since switching to Vista and AutoCAD 2009, however, the features get pasted into Solidworks as an AutoCAD OLE object, and are therefore completely worthless to me. Now, all i can do is either 1) redraw by hand 2) open the entire drawing in solidworks first and let it convert it, or 3) use DWG Editor, which I don't even have installed because I have real AutoCAD.

Anybody know how to get the old 2004 functionality back? I wouldn't exactly call myself an AutoCAD pro so I'm sure there's something I'm missing...