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    Pro/E to Solidworks retaining parametric features

    Carrie Ives
      We have an assembly that was created in Pro/E (Wildfire 3.0) and now our customer wants the assembly and all its parts in Solidworks. And, it needs to still be parametric when it gets converted, so step or iges or just saving as parasolids is not going to do. Do you have any experience with converting parts? Are there any companies that do this that you would recommend.

        • Pro/E to Solidworks retaining parametric features
          John Kreutzberger
          It is possible to import Pro-E files directly into SW. I have never done it with assemblies. It has been several years since I last tried to ask SW to create a feature-tree from a Pro-E model. Except for very simple parts-this was not very reliable the last time I tried it. Pro-E parts import very well as dumb solids.

          Do you have FeatureWorks? If so, you might try running it on each part and then re-creating the assembly. Again-there is a good chance that you will not get all of the features.

          I have seen this request from customers myself over the years. My experience is that it is a sort of red-herring. It often comes from Pro-E advocates who know in advance that it won't be possible and want to prove to the world that Pro-E is better. They just want to hear the words: "SW can't do this".

          In reality I have found a full feature set is not always necessary to be able to edit a model. SW is getting much better at direct face manipulation. I often need to add draft to parts before designing molds for them. I can also move faces or make any of a number of other modifications to an imported part with SW.

          Finally, to answer the last part of your question-there are some service bureaus out there that say they can do what you are asking. I don't know if they will give you fully-featured models and assemblies or just the sort of thing I was describing above. Try these guys( http://www.elysiuminc.com/) -they say they can do it, but I don't know about pricing. Good Luck.
          • Pro/E to Solidworks retaining parametric features
            John Lhuillier
            Simple Pro E parts can be imported and have features recognized. I wouldn't model anything up the way that the features get created but if it will work for your customer thats great. If it's something that you may need to make different styles up then you may want to model it direct rather than have features automatically recognized.
            • Pro/E to Solidworks retaining parametric features
              Mahir Abrahim
              There's always an exception, but in general I ended up just remodeling from scratch. Whether it was SW>ProE or vice versa I usually just opened both SolidWorks & ProE so I could copy the features as they were originally created. I can't trust SW to do a good job of tranlating a feature tree. For me there are three reasons.
              1) Holes turn into revolves without any thread/fastener info.
              2) Only simple extrudes and revolves are translated reliably.
              3) Even when translated, the sketches for extrudes and revolves are unconstrained and carry no design intent, making them more difficult to modify in the context of the whole design/assembly.

              Of course this is only if the customer actually needed a full feature tree with design intent. Before I let a customer take me down that road I try to understand the end purpose of the translation and whether it's really necessary. A lot of times customers back down once they realize that dumb solid translation is cheap and feature for feature translation is not.
              • Pro/E to Solidworks retaining parametric features
                Raul Rosa
                Both, Link proficiency and Link Elysium can help accomplish what you are looking for, but at a very steep price.
                • Pro/E to Solidworks retaining parametric features
                  Carrie Ives
                  Because this was an urgent request from management, I asked for help in several places. I think I posted this request for help originally on a Friday. By the next Tuesday we had changed directions. Below is the summary of what I received from the Pro/E email list.

                  I had posted this to the PTC/User exploder too. Here is the summary of what I heard from there:

                  There are a few conversion services out there and then there are the people that will re-model your parts for you. We had not gotten a reply back from one of the services. I overlooked an email and did not contact the other one that was mentioned because it came in too late. This was a hurry up and get things done job so once I had gotten a couple of answers I did not pursue more. I got quotes from a couple of people that would remodel the parts for us. Management then decided that they would try harder to convince the customer that Pro/E was the way to go. So we aren't actually converting the models.

                  Solidworks will sometimes open a Pro/E model with the features, or at least the sketches, but I have not gotten consistent results from that.

                  Automated services:
                  Elysium http://www.elysiuminc.com/ - will do what I wanted (this is the one I overlooked), did not get pricing. A couple of people had worked with them, not necessarily for Solidworks translations.
                  CADverter - I think this is the one that we did not get replies to our queries from, but I can't find my notes on this.
                  Core Technologies - www.coretechnologies-inc.com - Mark Akers - did not see this one until after I'd started down another path

                  Companies that would re-model the parts for us:
                  C2R Product Development Group, Inc. - www.c2rpdg.com - Bruce Nemec
                  Appian Way Technologies LLC - www.appianwaytech.com - Chris Thompson
                  The Technology House - www.tth.com - Steve Pastor
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                      Jeff Hamilton
                      Depending upon the type of features and their complexity, Solidworks Featureworks can do it. It seems to work better if you can convert the parts, first, then the assembly. But, unfortunately some features just don't translate and you end up with a dumb solid. If it's straight forward modeling you'll probably do pretty well. But the more advanced features like sweeps and lofts seldom translate.
                      I usually try to first let Solidworks try to automatically create the feaures (use the Import sketch and Import geometry from hidden section options). Then if it doesn't come through well, try to import as a body and then use both the automatic and manual feature recognition. We have been getting about 80% of our models converted. That being some converting 100% and some not at all with a few that partially convert. You will probably notice that your sketches have little or no dimensions. But the geometry is usually all there. Watch your drafts, because sometimes they come in backward.
                      I've heard Elysium is pretty good, but it can get expensive.
                      In many cases wher the models simply don't translate with features, I use the dumb solid to create planes and sketches to copy over to a new "from scratch model".

                      Good Luck!