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Dynamic Drawings

Question asked by 1-9235V8 on Jun 6, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2008 by Albert Whatmough
Hi all,
I am working on a project to change approximately 20k parts documented in tiff or dwg files into far fewer SW models using design tables. I have the theory working pretty well for some selected groups of parts and now I want to figure out how to document these. The way it was done in the past is we had a general drawing with A,B,C dims on it and then from a spread sheet we would print a form that said what A,B,C dims where. This is because a single group can have 700+ configurations.

What I am planning is to have a SQL database actually store all the design information and have use the API interface to open the correct model and design table and inport the needed information. Since the configuration wouldn't change the drawing will automatically change so the API can then print the drawing.

The question I have is more one of the theory of data management than anything else. The drawing is changing but not actually changing since for similar parts all the dimensions are to the same places the dims are different but the drawing never was edited. Does this need to be controlled as it's own drawing? The configuration needs to have signoffs within the database for manufacturing to be able to print the drawing so the design is approved. The drawing is really just making the design viewable to someone standing at a machine.

What is everyones thoughts on this?