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Help with Connectors/Forces

Discussion created by Mike Hissong on Jun 5, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2008 by Anthony Botting
Trying to do a COSMOSWorks analysis of this 3-piece assembly. Actual assembly is connected with pins at both ends to upright components - I'm using Fixed restraints on the larger thru holes at both ends. Would Immovable restraints be more appropriate?

Second image shows how I am applying Pin Connectors and Force.
Do I need to put Pin connectors on both ends of each of 4 thru holes, or is one side adequate for each?
Whole assembly needs to support a certain amount of weight. Is it OK to apply force just to middle component as shown or should I also select top faces of the 2 main parts?
Let's say I want to test assy @ 100 lbs - if I choose all 3 components COSMOS input box says I'm applying 100 lbs "Per Entity" - does this make force 300 lbs?

I'll probably have more questions, but let's start here. Thanks.