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2007, 2008 compatibility

Discussion created by Barry Wingate on Jun 5, 2008
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I wondered if you could shed some light on a problem that I have just encountered with your favorite CAD program. To begin with I am CAD illiterate, others I work with will be able to understand the intricacies of any reply you are able to give.

(This may be T.M.I.) : I am an industrial designer with a life time of experience designing, consumer and industrial products , both in the USA and Europe. Half of this time was spent sketching, at a drawing board, in the shop, and 2D computer drafting. Today I'm helping a small company upgrade its product line up, I have two new young recruits, one a EE graduate the other an ME, both aspiring to be an ID professionals and both with respectable CAD skills, using Pro E., Solidworks, Alias, and Rhino.

So we started them up with the latest version of SW 2008, and off they went, modifying existing SW 2007 files in the process of defining new designs. Only to encounter major compatibility problems with the rest of the companies SW users, vendors etc.

A note I received:
"All company SolidWorks needs to stay on 2007. This is important in order to communicate among ourselves as well as with outside people we need to work with. Do not install or use other versions of SolidWorks. (We just had an unfortunate instance of files being inadvertently saved in a newer version, making those files unreadable. This also resulted in work required to restore to the original condition.)"

I asked: "How long do you expect we shall continue using the 2007 version?"

The reply: "Indefinitely, and only when there is a very compelling set of reasons to change. It would be expensive in time, effort, communication, incompatibility glitches, etc., for us to change unless absolutely necessary. It affects many people to be smoothly compatible.

I have no problem turning back the clock to be compatible with the rest of the team, but I can't help thinking. "Something is wrong with this picture".

What are your, or your readers thoughts on this matter?