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    Bolt connector confusion

    Chad Schmidt
      I'm trying to define a bolted connector using a through hole in one plate and a threaded hole in the other. For some reason it forces me to use some predetermined thread diameter and head diameter. I'm not sure if its extracting information from the threaded hole diameter or the bolt head diameter because the numbers are very arbitrary and I see no correlation between them and the feature I select. Does anyone have a good tutorial on how to properly do this with a counter bored hole in one plate and a thread in the other plate?
        • Bolt connector confusion
          Chad Schmidt
          I guess I'm the only one seeing the problem here? Notice when you use a "standard or counterbore screw" the selection of the "circular edge of the bolt head hole" will always be a clearance hole? The bolt connector is sizing the head diameter and bolt shank diameter based upon this clearance hole. In other words the clearance hole = the shank diameter. The clearance hole will always be greater than the shank diameter thus placing incorrect values into the bolt connector. Is there something I'm missing here? Please explain how I'm suppose to use this feature?
            • Bolt connector confusion
              Gary Garrison
              I added a hole series in an assy using SW08 sp4 and it gave an option of a
              clearance hole->threaded hole
              or a
              clearance hole ->clearance hole ->hardware fastener

              When completed it even gives you an option to install the hardware using toolbox. Is this somthing you are looking for?