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Drawing shows parts that aren't really there, last page prints black

Question asked by 1-C4NVNY on Jun 4, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2008 by 1-C4NVNY
I have a user running SW 2008 SP3.1 that reports that there are some drawings he opens that show parts multiplied. So in other words, where one part should be, there are two parts there. In the parts list on the right they are not listed. On any of the other engineer's workstations the drawing shows and prints properly. When he does a print preview, the drawing looks correct. When he prints, the parts are doubled. He is also getting an all black page on the last printed page.

I've asked him to check to see if other print previews and prints are doing this because it kind of sounds like a printer driver error in relation to the printing but not so much when the model is open and parts are doubled. As I type this I see that I need to ask him if the part is truly doubled of if the ghost part had initially been there and had been deleted but somehow stuck around. Is there any type of cache that SW uses whereby the part could be stuck in cache and continue to show in his copy of SW?

No other programs on the system seem to be affected, Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. Only SW. All SW installs are at 2008 SP3.1 and the other users report no problems.

thanks in advance for any insights;