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    Deleting splines only

    Eric Snyder
      Does anybody have a good tip for deleting only splines in a sketch? I frequently have to go through my sketches and manually identify splines and delete them and then replace them with arcs.

      Is there a filter or a macro that would at least delete splines?

      The splines are being created when I create either "Create entities" or offset entities on edges where a corner has been filleted. Another way might be to prevent SW from creating splines in the first place when I use those two commands.

      Any ideas?
        • Deleting splines only
          Roland Schwarz
          Mad Mango's Sketch Census Tool

          It is an addin, not a macro. It counts sketch entities, so at least you have a way to check if any splines are left.

          I may have the source code somewhere for conversion, but it would be buried deep in my archives. The addin was part of a request to convert someone else's macro to an addin, so I never published the macro. Sorry.
            • Deleting splines only
              Eric Snyder
              Thanks Roland.

              YOu can also select the entire sketch and look in the properties manager. There you will find an inventory of what objects are selected. They seem to be sorted in alphabetical order so splines appear closer to the end.

              I suppose that I may be able to take the source of the addin and modify it to delete only splines.