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    Grooves on dome like feature

    Rick Campbell

      I am working on a bottle and can not figure out a way to put grooves an a panel that is shaped like a dome. I have created a jpeg of the old drawing. You can get a good idea what it suppose to like in Detail "A", Section "A" - "A", Section "B" - "B". In Detail "A" is what I have been trying to create with no luck. I only need the grooves to be on the surface of the panel, not in two differnt directions as Detail "A" depicts.

      I also have a radius error. If the first one is fixed the second should get automatically fixed. My boss is on my case, so I have to send this out as is. I appreciate any help! Thank, Rick
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          Mahir Abrahim
          I'm not sure of a good way to add uniform grid of v-grooves to a preexisting dome shaped loft. However, I can think of a couple ways to design one from the outset.

          1) Create the same features on a flat surface using a patterned cut-sweep. Then use a Freeform feature to deform it into something dome-like.

          2) Instead of using 3 single-line cross-section sketches for your loft, use two identical zigzag sketches and guide curves that influence the shape into a dome.
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            Jerry Steiger

            I would be inclined to revolve a single V shape or a few V shapes, then circular pattern the body in the other direction. Make your first body a bit larger than necessary, then trim it to fit. Assuming that your walls are pretty much uniform, I would probably build the part with surfaces, then thicken when I had the outside shape completed.
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              Like Mahir suggested, create your cut/protrusion v grooves on a flatten surface. Then you can use deform (free form only works on a single face) with the push option. (See Atttached)

              create a planar surface from edges of inset
              Replace domed face for planar face just created
              did the v groove cuts and protrusions and patterned
              Created a tool body to put the dome back into the vgroove area
              Insert>Deform>Push>Surface Push and use the tool body with the appropiate options.

              Getting past the sheller is another matter and I haven't tried.

              BTW, this looks like a symmetrical part - only model half of it and save yourself a lot of work, time and it will also be more robust model.

              Hope this helps
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                Roland Schwarz
                Create an offset surface that represents the bottom of the groove. Project the groove centerlines onto the offset surface. Use the projected lines to create sweep surfaces. Trim and cap sweeps as needed and use for cut w/ surface.
                • Grooves on dome like feature
                  Mark Biasotti 's solution is great.