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Mirror my context

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Jun 3, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2008 by Jason Capriotti
I design a lot of sheet metal stuff. The mirror tool is one of my favorite techniques for efficiency as well as producing designs that are goof resistant and easy to fabricate.

Mirroring bodies in sheet metal is the only way to go. Yet, the Mirror Property Manager always defaults to mirroring features instead.

If I hit the Enter key to repeat the Mirror command, it forgets what I just did and reverts to mirroring features. Although I long for Property Managers that remember what the user prefers from session-to-session, I'd at least expect it to remember its last use during the current session. A few other Property Managers seem to have at least this short term memory.

I realize it is a small thing to just click a few more times to set up the mirror process, but would it be reasonable to ask the Mirror command to scan the Feature Manager for a sheet metal feature and then default to mirroring bodies? Basically, behave in the context of the modeling session?

By the way, mirroring bodies is, IMHO, an excellent modeling technique - generally more efficient for the user than mirroring features. Why not make that default if there is no hope for context based defaults?

Yes, this forum is not the proper venue for sending in Enhancement Requests. No, I have not yet sent in an enhancement request. I'm hoping to get a little band wagon going here so Jim & Co. can anticipate a flood of heartfelt E.R.'s on this topic.