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Saving data cards through Citrix Client using EPDM

Question asked by Marc Raby on Jun 13, 2016

During our recent upgrade to 2016 SP2.0 for EPDM, we have noticed issues with Citrix users and access to files.


We have been using a Citrix 6.5 ZenApp client for an off-site location (Malaysia) for several years. We transitioned from 2015 to 2016 SP2.0 in April (upgraded the client and installed the view on the Citrix server), and users are now getting errors while initiating files, and also while trying to save data cards on existing files. The errors seem to be intermittent since the Malaysia users have stated it was working at times last week. We have tried installing the client on the Citrix user desktop, but that did not work. There are no permission or workflow issues between files that have worked and files that have not.


The only thing that we have found that seems to be consistent and working is logging into Citrix as the administrator of the domain.


Was there a change in the 2016 functionality and its ability to interact with Citrix? We know that SW doesn't support Citrix, but we do not have any other viable work-arounds currently, and it has been functional in the past.