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    Mesh Data Import

    chirag shah
      Dear All,

      If I did the meshing for CFD model in hypermesh and if suppose I want to import that meshing data to solidworks CosmosFloWorks than is it possible?

      If it is possible than how ?

      Kindly explain me the procedure

      Chirag Shah
        • Mesh Data Import
          Bill McEachern
          No such facility exists. The Floworks mesh is very specialized - hypermesh can not build an appropriate mesh for Floworks. Floworks is a "CART" code and Hyper mesh is an FEA mesher. Yeah Hypermesh might be able to do a finite volume mesh but that doesn't work as the Floworks mesh is specialized - it meshes from the fluid to the solid not from the solid to the fluid like the typical finite volume codes. Not to mention specilized cells like partial cells.....give it up before you get a head ache.