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    memory error

    chirag shah
      Dear All
      I am new user of cosmosFloWorks. some time I get the error ""Not enough memory to continue the calculation. Failed to allocate requested continuous memory block of 1048592 (1.000 MB)" when i m running the CFD.

      Can anybody explain me why this error is coming and how to tackle with such kind of errors. please reply ASAP

      Chirag Shah
        • memory error
          Anthony Botting
          Hi Chirag: Yes it definitely means you need more memory. The software needs to setup "blocks" of memory for use in solving. Hope this helps. Regards, Tony.
          • memory error
            chirag shah
            Dear Anthony,
            Thanks for your reply.
            U write in your mail that The software needs to setup "blocks" of memory for use in solving. Can you tell me how to setup the blocks of memory??
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                Rich Bayless
                Hi Chirag,

                Floworks will give that memory error whenever there are too many cells in the model. I have found that when solving a fluid flow and heat transfer model with 32 bit SW2008/FW2008 that anything over about 500,000 to 600,000 cells will cause the memory error.

                Reduce the number of cells and the error will stop.

                Adding more memory/RAM to your machine will help with the speed of solving, but will not prevent the error. I've heard that changing to 64 bit Windows and to 64 bit SW/FW will also allow much larger cell counts, but I don't know that first hand.

                Anyone out there running 64 bits care to brag about your largest successful cell count?