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    Rollback to previous version/revision

    Tim Turpin
      When using the Rollback function under History, PDMWE is properly going back to the desired version/revision. However a problem/issue arises when making changes which require a new revision, the new revision is not correct.

      Revision scheme is as follows: A0, A1, A2... A9, B0, B1... B9, C0...

      Problem: file is currently at revision A2, rollback to A1. File is now at A1. Next ECO changes are required to file, when pushed through workflow and revision is bumped, it is expected that new revision would now be A2. It is NOT. New revision is now A3.

      Please enlighten on the Rollback functionality as PDMWE does not appear to be working as expected after a rollback.

      Thanks for your time.

        • Rollback to previous version/revision
          Bob Anderson
          I have the same problem and after talking with PDMWE support there is no way to do this easily. They told me to write a program that would reset the revision counter based on the revision it is currently at. Currently we think we can live without it because our revision scheme is like (A.0,A.1,A.2,A, B.0,B.1,B), so if I loose just an iteration than I really don't care. Now if I loose a major revision I will have a problem.