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Cutting section view, leaves behind a pile of lines when only showing cut faces

Question asked by Dustin Fickert on Jun 13, 2016



So I am drawing a packaging tray for work, and to help with the drawing, I created a section view of it. I have previous, similar variants of this same tray and cut with a section view without issues.


This recent drawing has the same locations for its section view as the others, but this time when I check show cut faces only it leaves a pile of lines where the cutting plane makes a 90 degree bend vertically. I can manually hide most of these lines (each line is a different length, and seems they are all in their own layer) but a few are still left behind without me being able to highlight them to hide them. I tried printing the document to see if it was my graphics card but it is not, as well as I tried uploading it on a co-workers computer that is much more powerful than mine with the same result.  Also, there is a golden box around the main area after the 90 degree angle in the section cut.


Layers are set to two layers only, Hidden and Format. Makes absolutely no sense. I cannot upload this document as I am not sure if it would abide my companies policy (title block exclaims to not share any documents.) I did include screen shots of what is going on exactly.


Any help will be greatly appreciated,






Image showing issue (I have a lot of lines hidden in the this picture, before lines were hidden, it appeared as a single long line)


This image shows the section view with cut faces turned off. The section line is now gone.