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Stacked If/Then Statements?

Question asked by Jacob Steinmetz on Jun 13, 2016

"number of holes@CrvPattern1" =iif("D1@Sketch4"<2, iif("D1@Sketch4">.75,"number of holes@CrvPattern1","numberD1@Sketch4">.75,"number of holes@CrvPattern1"-1),"number of holes@CrvPattern1"-1),"numberholes@CrvPattern1","number of holes@CrvPattern1"+1)



"number of holes@CrvPattern1”=iif("D1@Sketch4">2,"number of holes@CrvPattern1"+1,iif("D1@Sketch4">.75,"number of holes@CrvPattern1","number of holes@CrvPattern1"-1))



Error of "entered equation is invalid" when I hit ok.


I'm just messing around with stacking if statements and have tried both of these with no luck. I have a bar as seen below, where I want to change the number of holes in it depending on the spacing between holes. If the spacing is greater than 2, I want to add another hole. If spacing is less than .75, I want to remove a hole. Any ideas on how to fix this?


D1@Sketch4 is the spacing between the holes


Error of "entered equation is invalid" when I hit ok.