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Extruding on a curved surface

Question asked by Christiaan Bakker on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by Christiaan Bakker

Hey guys!

I'm trying to extrude parts of a sketch on a curved surface however i'm encountering a few problems. This is the pattern i'm trying to extrude:


As you can see below I managed to extrude the first pad. I figured it's not possible to extrude on different surfaces at the same time so I have to use multiple extrudes. With the next pad however there is a surface of which I can't get rid.


The weird thing is this doesn't happen when I extrude the block next to it.norandomsurface.png

Also, the worst part, I can't extrude the next pads as "It's not within the surface". I converted the entities of the top surface into a sketch so i'm not sure why it doesn't work.


I'd love to hear how you guys would solve this!

Thanks in advance,


Christiaan Bakker