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Is there any way to automate the "Auto-create design table" task for 100s of parts?

Question asked by Muralitharan Sugumaran on Jun 13, 2016

Hi all,


I have hundreds of similar looking Solidworks assembly models and each assembly is having about 5-8 parts. Since all are assemblies are looking similar and only the dimension is changing, I trying to take out the dimensions from all parts and create a configuration model. Hence, I'm inserting auto-create design table for all these parts inside the assemblies. While inserting the design table, I'm selecting all dimension entries in all parts. Once the table is inserted in the part, I copy the dimension values in to a master excel which has dimension details of all parts of assemblies.


I see this is a repeated task and very boring too. I'm doing this task manually , which really takes a lot of time.!!!!  Is there any way to write a macro and automate the task. I have tried to do it with record macro, when I run the recorded macro Solidworks crashes


I'm new to this forum and I have very limited knowledge on Solidworks as well.


Someone from the 7 billion people in the world, please help me out and make my live easy!


Thanks in advance!


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