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Equations trying to solve for suppressed components in SW-2016 (In-context Assy)

Question asked by Tyler Kemp on Jun 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2019 by David Gervais

So I have taken this up thus far with my VAR who agreed with me that there was in fact an issue , one that he couldn't solve himself and therefore he forwarded it too a tech at Solidworks Corp.


I'll describe the issue and then give the Tech's response to the problem, or his "solution" anyway, which was no solution at all. If you can't tell, Im a little frustrated at the lack of assistance we pay awfully good money for. So here I am yet again, going out on my own to try and solve another problem with the software.


Anyway, we use alot of in-context assemblies where i work and after upgrading to 2016 (SP3) I noticed that whenever i suppress a component in my assembly that has an equation linking it too anther part or sketch dimension it doesn't suppress those equations, rather it says they can't be solved and lights up my equation folder with a red X.


(suppress a component)

(get this result)

As you can see, instead of suppressing the equation that relates to the part, SW is still trying to solve for it and it is creating the "syntax error" .


I have seen this happen to me several times so far, in simple and more complex In-context assemblies. The one i submitted to SW was the latter , it had more equations and was more reliant on them for the overall shape of the part.

(This is an example of that assembly, where the (6) equations that arent solving at the bottom represent (2) parts that are currently suppressed in my tree)

You can see to the left that there are (3) configurations of this assembly available. Deleting these equations to eliminate the problem is not a viable solution. This was designed to be a versatile assembly where you could make changes to the design after initially configuring it dimensionally.


This was Tech Supports response to my inquiry.

"These are all correct for the same reason; the referenced entities are not in the assembly or they are suppressed.

I am going to close this SR again now.

SOLIDWORKS Technical Support

So as you might imagine, calling it correct when obviously there is a problem doesn't seem like a good answer. As a courtesy I removed his name as I am not here to cause trouble, just too get this fixed.


Can anybody help?



Tyler Kemp