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Question on the Workstation G-Card Conspiracy

Question asked by Tony Parker on May 29, 2008
Latest reply on Jul 5, 2008 by Basil Gello
I run SolidWorks '08 on a custom-built workstation with a PNY Quadro FX1700 card. Great PC, and the performance is excellent. The Quadro card cost $450 from Newegg.

I've taken some SolidWorks part and assembly files home on flash drive, and opened them up on "e-drawings" for iMac that has a Radeon 1600 card in it....

I can easily open up 30 different part and assembly windows (at least that's how many I tried to open) in the iMac, switch back and forth between them, cutting section views, hiding parts, measuring, etc with NO degradation in graphics performance. Granted, there is no "RealView", and I don't care about that anyway.

So my question is, what did SolidWorks do/program into E-Drawings that allows such great graphics performance on a "budget" or "gamer-card"? Yet to do our work within SolidWorks requires the purchase of a high $$$ GC???

Is the high-performance observed on the iMac from the way OS/X manages open window sessions? Or is it related to the OGL programming in E-drawings? I don't have a Windows PC with a "gamer card" in it, but would like to test E-drawings graphic performance in that set up as well....or perhaps someone can share their own experience.