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    File Explorer

    Chris Kamery
      Is there a way to add locations to the File Explorer Tab on the Task Plane? I would like to be able to add custom locations (Local or Network) other than just the standard options.
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          Kevin Goosie

          I noticed this has not been answered but does anyone know how to do this?  I would like to add folders that can be easily accessed each time versuses digging through the desktop to get there.

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            Scott McFadden


            Are you talking about adding additional tabs other then Solidworks Resources, Design Library,

            File Explorer, View Pallette, Appearances/Scenes and Custom Properties?  I don't think that can be done.

            I know you can add command tabs to the command manager, but I don't think that is what you are

            talking about.

            If you are asking what I think you are asking, why don't you just add the folders in windows explorer and then

            tree to them in File Explorer.  This just mirrors windows explorer.

            Also I know in the Design Library tab you can add new map folders inside of that, but that is to find blocks

            and symbols.


            I don't know if this helped or not.

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              Wayne Schafer

              Put a shortcut on your desktop for the location you want to go to.  Then when you click the "+" next to the desktop icon in solidworks explorer the short cut will appear so you can click it.  This will eliminate some digging down you might have to do.





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                David Matula

                I asked SolidWorks for this years ago, after seeing that it could be done with another program. 


                click on file open and then navigate to a folder then drag that folder to the side bar and it would always be there so when you wanted to open or save a document it would be one click navigation to that location.  Most programs have gotten most difficult to get to where you want to save files.  They all seemed set up to save to the cloud which to me is like the dark web.