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Slow 2008 performance on older dual Xeon machine

Question asked by Matt Graves on May 28, 2008
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2008 by Greg Kamysz
Hello - sorry to post what I'm sure is a redundant topic, but lately I've been pulling my hair out using SW oon my 4yo Dell Precision 450. It was a killer machine in it's day, but I've been working on a PW rendered Animation and it's killing me (as if working with Animator wasn't frustrating enough).

Dual Xeon 3.06GHz (Xeons are dual core, so four cores total- I do a lot of rendering)
WinXP 32-bit, SP2, 3GB switch active
Quadro FX 500
SW2008, SP4.0ev

I just ran the Punch Holder: 275sec. Ouch.

I know my machine is past it's prime, but considering that some people have posted elsewhere that their times are in the 100-150sec range, I suspect that something is seriously wrong with my machine configuration.

I have only the 3D controller and toolbox-browser add-ins turned on (I've resorted to turning on PW as needed); Indexing is off.

I've seen a lot about processor/core affinity, but I'm confused: I know that SW is mostly a single-threaded app, but does that mean not setting affinity to a single core hurts your performance? And what about when I want to render, when more cores is better? Shouldn't the software/OS be able to manage this?

I know enough about hardware to complain, so any input on where to check/set settings would be greatly appreciated